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03/27/2014 Todd Kerns via Twitter: “The Heaverly Brothers reunion at Barbarosa Studios @MylesKennedy photo by @ELVISLIBERACE”

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Hey, i'm angelina from portugal. I'd know if you guys have twitter? :) Ps i love your blog!
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Hi Angelina, thank you very much! We do have Twitter, here it is:

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Don’t forget to watch the episode 2 of Real to Reel - In the studio with Slash and Todd Kerns


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that moment when Slash spits his coffee (x)

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Kerry Simon Charity Event
Photos by Denise Truscello

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Todd Kerns, Nim Vind and Zachary Throne 

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Episode 1 of ”Real to Reel” series, check it out!

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Some awesome shots from the Studio and the pre-production of the new album! 

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Happy New Year! Thank you all for being part of this family :) 

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Happy Birthday, Todd DAMMIT Kerns!!! 

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